WiFi Options

IMPORTANT: The 6355-SR does not have WiFi capabilities. The following information applies to the 6350-SR ONLY.


Per the default configuration profile, there will be one available SSID: "Accelerated 6350-SR."

WiFi-enabled SRs can broadcast up to a total of 8 WLAN SSIDs simultaneously. To create additional SSIDs or to change the configuration of existing ones:

  1. Navigate to the device's (or group's) Configuration page.
  2. Expand Network > WiFi.
  3. Verify that Enabled is selected and adjust the Channel and Beacon Interval if necessary.
  4. Expand the Access Points menu to view existing SSIDs or create new ones.
  5. Each WLAN AP is listed as its own collapsable menu featuring:
    • Enabled status box
    • SSID
    • SSID Broadcast
    • Encryption type
    • Pre-shared key
  6. To create a new AP, specify its name in the corresponding text field and click the Add button.

Client Mode

In addition to serving as an independent WLAN Access Point, the 6350-SR's WiFi can broadcast in "Client Mode" to serve as a supplemental AP to relay WiFi originating from another WiFi-enabled router by entering that network's SSID and Pre-shared key.

WiFi as WAN

Client Mode can also be used to leverage the 6350-SR's WiFi to relay Internet access (WAN) provided by another router's wireless AP.

Before configuring the 6350-SR for WiFi-as-WAN (WaW) Client Mode, identify the SSID that the 6350-SR should connect to, including its broadcasting channel, authentication details for the SSID, and interface prioritization for the WaW connection (i.e. should it take precedence over the WAN Ethernet port).

  1. Under Network > WiFi > Client mode connections, create a new entry named "testclient." The name can be different if desired.
  2. Enter the Channel and authentication credentials for the SSID of the secondary wireless router.
  3. Under Network > Interfaces, create a new entry named "WiFiasWAN."

For details on how to create new interfaces, refer to the article covering Custom Interfaces.

  1. Set the Zone for the new interface to External.
  2. Set the Device for the new interface to WLAN Client: testclient
  3. Under IPv4, set the Interface type to DHCP address. NOTE: This will trigger the 6350-SR to obtain a DHCP connection to the secondary wireless router's SSID network.
  4. Click Save.